website exampleYour website is obviously an integral part of your overall Internet marketing efforts. It’s the foundation of everything you do going forward. Along with your efforts, you should include a plan to update your website frequently. Content is one of the keys to long-term online success.

That’s why it is vital to plan your website with future content generation in mind. Your website must be built on a scalable platform, one that allows you to add content at will – articles, posts, images, videos, podcasts, virtually any type of media can be added easily to your website with WordPress. Static HTML sites are no longer able to keep pace with the competitive nature of online marketing.

Welcome to the Content Management System (CMS) platform, which won overall CMS of the year award, WordPress.

Andy Fletcher, Comedians Nationwide Booking Agency

I strongly recommend their SEO and website enhancement services.

Matthew Brown, Brown and Brown PLC Attorneys

We hired CSE Web Solutions on the basis of their work product. We looked at other websites that they had done and were impressed

Tom VanSteenkiste, Hydrogen Generation

They have an amazing eye for detail, innovative ideas for linking to the Internet, and promoting our website.

Elisabeth Kahn, Gazette Van Detroit

Great guys to do business with!

There are many fine CMS platforms available, but we are committed to using only WordPress for our clients. WordPress will allow your site to grow with your business. It’s extremely easy to learn that will allow you to manage content in-house, without depending on your webmaster. Even though we offer customized HTML solutions built from scratch, we strongly recommend WordPress as the base foundation.

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To stay in theme with our SEO packages, we offer the following packages: Impact (Basic) Business Website, Power (Standard) Business Website, with added features, Authority (Super) business website, or Domination (our custom in every sense of the word, no holds barred, business website.

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