Kaizen Technology

local marketing toolsKaizen stands for “improvement”, or “change for the better” and refers to a philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes.

We believe in the Continuous Improvement concept, made popular from the Kaizen philosophy.  And even though the original Kaizen pertained to mainly processes of manufacturing, engineering, and business management, we apply that very same concept to our clients in the form of integration of technology or Kaizen Technology.

We believe that more web-based companies need to adopt the continuous improvement strategy, instilling “change for the better” as opposed to simply introducing new technology.  Many proven and fantastic technologies come into play every single day. However, in order for technology to work effectively and consistently, there needs to be a process of integration. Unfortunately, many great ideas have fallen by the wayside because companies don’t take the time to make it useful in their existing environments. We think that is an important part of the overall equation to stay competitive.

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If we run across a technology or process from our partners that will bring value to our clients, we will take the time to implement and integrate methodically, so it becomes “as one” with existing technology. Integration is key to making technology work better, and we bring a 100% commitment to you that we will provide this continuous improvement whenever possible.