Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Getting RTB (real time bidding) right is the key to success for many of the companies in the digital media ecosystem.

RTB has only been around for only a few years, but has been pressing hard to become a house-hold name, and by all indications they are right on track.

RTB offers a plethora of features and opportunities:

Cost efficiency. Your ad spend can go further, with less budget spent on poorly-targeted impressions or impressions delivered to fulfill a bulk inventory purchase, despite questionable relevance to campaign goals.

Yield management. With the ability to evaluate and place cost parameters on each impression opportunity, pay-for-performance takes on a new, positive meaning for your campaign. RTB buyers will have control over price/performance unprecedented in the world of display.

Actionable insights. By learning what works for your campaign at the impression level, you have a great opportunity to identify trends and discover new insights about your best — and worst — consumers, context, and creative. These learnings can be used to guide strategy both within your campaign and across a broader marketing effort.

Retargeting. Certainly one of the untapped gems of media advertising.  Retargeting offers real-time, impression-level bidding can make cookie re-targeting more powerful and scalable, with ability to go beyond flat files and more precisely identify and target desired consumer behavior.

Creative optimization. Testing and matching creatives with consumers becomes much more efficient and effective in this new media buying model. Opportunities for a new level of customization of message and creative will also emerge.

Performance. In aggregate, all of the benefits described here should deliver an overall performance lift for online campaigns compared to previous approaches. And the good news is that this difference should be consistent and sustainable, across all types of target markets and audiences.


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This is only a brief introduction of RTB. Please visit our site to find out how more on how you can massively scale your online presence using RTB.