Digital Marketing Will be Priority for Businesses in 2013′

There’s no doubt our current economy has certainly made many business owners skittish, especially if means committing to something that requires an investment of time, money or both to realize an ROI. But based on on the the latest trends, small business owners are ready to commit big-time to making 2013′ the year to carve out their piece of the pie.

Are You Ready For The Coming SMB Marketing Boom?


Without a doubt, 2012 has been an insane year for small business marketing on the Web. Most companies I know providing digital marketing services to SMBs have been up to their eyeballs in work. What’s going on? Aren’t

2013′s Top Market Trends


Even government contracting is a field that’s continually being open to new possibilities, paving the way for more small businesses to come out of their shells. In 2013, a brand new horizon awaits marketing and business in

If you are a small business owner about to make plans for 2013′, be sure to include online marketing a driving force. Moving forward with a “business as usual” attitude with no plans to make your online presence a strong one, may make your business vulnerable.